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CJL and "The tomorrow..."

There are many projects that the CJL has undertaken, many of which require exceptional efforts. We have decided to share our challenges and list the projects we are currently following for a concretely better tomorrow. Some projects are extremely far-sighted, while others fall into macro-sectors and are part of larger projects. For example, enhancing a territory takes years. Other projects, on the other hand, are immediately more tangible because they are part of operations with reduced deadlines; but that doesn't mean they are less important.

The sea is made up of many small drops. Even the smallest gives her great contribution.


Mission Cashew: a multi-sector project


Cashew nuts are one of the biggest missions ever undertaken by the CJL. The project is multi-sector and includes the enhancement of the territory, the right to work and humanitarian aid. Cashew, known as "Acaju", is one of the most important agricultural resources of Guinea-Bissu. CJL supervises the sale of the product to ensure that there are no problems with the sale so that it can guarantee the right livelihood for the population, while also offering places of employment.



CJL, thanks to the help of donations from private individuals, has purchased an ambulance to be assigned to the hospital in Guinea-Bissau. We hope not to stop at just one unit but to continue in this way to provide important help for the local population. We are currently taking care of the logistics and will be ready for shipment as soon as possible.

A special thanks goes to the Benedictine Monastery "Santa Maria Annunciata" in Poffabro. Thanks to their help it was possible to raise the funds to send the ambulance to Guinea Bissau.

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